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June 21, 2017

I love to share my couples sweet love with you!  So I always ask if they are willing to write their love story for me to share with their photos! =)  So here is their epic love story right from our stunning bride Kayla!  

Kayla:  Jerid and I met in October of 2013 in Illinois through an online dating site. Jerid is from a ranch in Kansas, and I am from small town Illinois. There was an immediate physical attraction. He was the rugged country man type who loved four wheeling and trucks, and I was the easy going type of girl who made friends with anyone, anywhere. We messaged back and forth for a few days, until we decided to meet in person. Jerid picked me up in his big lifted truck and took me to dinner at a nice local steakhouse. We enjoyed a great dinner and an even better conversation! Work got the best of both of us, and we didn’t talk much after our first date. It wasn’t until December of 2013 that our love story truly started! Jerid was flying back to Illinois from Houston where he was taking tests for his current career. I reached out to him to see if he’d like to grab a bite to eat once he got back. At first, he declined due to our schedules not matching. His flight ended up getting delayed so much, that I wouldn’t let him say no! We went to Chili’s and it felt as though we had known each other for years! It was incredible! Form that point on, Jerid and I were inseparable.

Our relationship was definitely a roller coaster of emotions! Everything seemed to happen so fast! We met each others friends and family immediately, and talked about spending the rest of our lives together. After being together for 3 months, we started looking at engagement rings. I knew not to get my hopes up of anything happening too soon, so I just loved him the best way I knew possible and enjoyed all of the memories we were making. In September of 2014, he got a call from a company in Houston that he had been waiting to hear from. He accepted the offer and started October 1st! I took the biggest leap of faith and left my job. Within 2 weeks, we had a U-Haul packed and was in route for Houston, TX!

Moving to Houston was a hidden blessing for our relationship. In Illinois, we had over an hour between us, so our move gave us the time to really get to know one another. One thing we enjoy doing together is visiting wineries. We have now done 3 different wine tours in 3 different states; Missouri, Michigan and now Texas. On July 2nd, 2016, we decided to spend our weekend off work together in the gorgeous Texas hill country north of San Antonio. It was our first time and we were so in awe! The scenery is absolutely breath-taking. We stopped at a few different wineries along the way to Fredericksburg. Woodrose Winery, Four Point Cellars & Rancho Ponte Vineyard to name a few. The weather was perfect, so it made for a really nice and relaxing day! A little secret is that I knew Jerid had recently purchased the ring I fell in love with over 2 years ago. I kept telling him that it would have been the perfect day to propose, but he assured me time and time again that he didn’t bring the ring with him. I took his word for it, only to learn later in the day that he had the ring with him the whole time.

After the wineries, we decided to take a small detour to Luckenbach, TX. If you know old country music, then you have heard of Luckenbach! It used to be a town with a population of only 3 people, but is now a music venue. All of the greats have played there, like Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty and Waylon Jennings, so it was pretty neat to see. Jerid went to grab a couple beverages while I used the restroom. This was the first time he was alone, so he decided to stop and pull the ring out of his pocket. It was wrapped up in a handkerchief and as he was unfolding it, the ring went tumbling to the ground! Jerid was so scared that something had broke or that I would see so he quickly put the ring back in his pocket. When I came back, we headed across the wooden bridge to check out the countryside. I joked with him yet again that he should have brought the ring, and he played along. I had turned my back for a split second, and at that moment Jerid fished the ring out of his pocket, yet again. I turned back around to see him holding the most beautiful ring. He said “your weird matches my weird,” dropped to one knee, and asked me to marry him. It was a dream come true and I am far beyond excited to become his wife on May 20, 2017!

It is true what they say, planning a wedding is very stressful! However, it was the type of stress that I embraced and welcomed! I was beyond excited to be marrying my best friend! May 20, 2017 crept up on us quicker than we had hoped for but the day could not have gone better! Like any wedding, there definitely was some barriers that we had to deal with but we managed and kept pushing towards our big moment of saying “I do!” We we starting our journey of forever at TownHall Texas located just south of Conroe, Texas.

It was the absolute best setting and portrayed our lifestyle to a tee! The guys all wore jeans, button ups and vest, while the bridesmaids worn their own choice of a navy lace country dress. The entire wedding party wore cowboy/cowgirl boots, which fit the Old Western Town setting for the ceremony location. It has a unique rustic charm and they really do pay attention to the details!

Anyway, it all started at 10:30am when we met with our grandparents, parents and bridal party at the venue to do a quick rehearsal the morning of. From there, we went our separate ways. My soon to be husband and his men mingled in the grooms cabin, while me and my ladies began beautifying ourselves! It was such a blast and I love the memories I now have from it! Our wedding was the first time our family’s met one another, and it was such a sweet moment to see both our mother’s getting their make-up done at the same time! I am so blessed for the time they had together to bond! Once my best friend finished my hair, and my make-up artist worked her magic, the person I saw looking back at me in the mirror blew me away! I felt incredibly beautiful, more so than I ever could have dreamt I’d feel on my wedding day! it definitely set the tone. It finally came time for me to get into my amazing wedding dress! This is where the first hiccup occurred… My dress did not fit right!! Thankfully, the photographers assistant came prepared and was able to actually sew me into my dress!! I am forever thankful for her quick thinking and both photographers patience!

Once I was sewn in, we were able to start photos!! Keep in mind, it was May in Texas so we had to deal with the humidity! We would take photos for 20-30 minutes, then all go running inside to cool off and freshen up. Jerid and I chose to do a first look, and I am so glad we did! It was such an emotional yet special moment shared between us two. It was so incredibly precious to see my handsome, burly, hardworking man get so choked up at the sight of me. The moment solidified the love we share for each other, and always will share. I literally cannot give my photographer, Mychelle LeVan, and her assistance enough praise! While we were running behind on photos, they kept things running smooth and we were able to make it through them all with plenty of time to hide from the herd of guests who were soon arriving! It was about that time!

The grandparents, parents and entire bridal party, including my almost husband and myself, hid in the reception hall since the ceremony was outside. It was set to start at 6:00pm. We got so lucky with the weather that day as there was originally a high chance of rain throughout the day. About 15 minutes before 6:00pm, there was a quick 2 minute downpour! It was such a blur, and people started running out with towels to wipe off the chairs. All of a sudden, the ceremony started in order to finish before another rainfall! Grandparents started the recession, followed by parents. Jerid and his mother walked down the isle together, and then my pretty ladies made their way down. We did not have a flower girl, but we did have three of the most adorable little boys walk down before I made my grand entrance with both my mother and father.


Everything happened so fast, but right as I got to the guests and all eyes on me, I made eye contact with my brother, whom I’ve always looked up to, and almost lost it.

I remember trying to do my best to keep my eyes forward, but kept finding myself looking up to fight back the tears!

 I finally made it to my handsome husband to be! We asked a great friend of ours, Quinn, to become an officiant online in order to marry us, and it honestly was the best thing we decided to do! Although, it didn’t change the fact that we both were a nervous wreck! Quinn honored our wishes and kept the ceremony short and sweet. It was simple, to the point, yet so beautiful!

We were officially Mr. & Mrs. Jerid Sutton!! As the dark cloud started rolling in again, we were able to quickly greet all of our 100-125 guests one by one as they entered the rustic reception hall to find a seat of their choice to get started with dinner. The cake cutting immediately followed dinner, which we asked his grandma, Deloris, to assist with. It was a priceless moment that we will always cherish! While everyone was eating the delicious cake, we shared our first dance as husband and wife to “When I Said I Do” by Clint Black. We love old country, so it was the best fit for us!

While we decided to not partake in a most traditions, we did, however, choose to share a dance with parents. Jerid danced with his mother, and I danced with my father, both at the same time to “I Hope You Dance” by LeAnn Womack. It was an amazing moment for all of us!

Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of my wedding day and am so in love with how the day turned out! I now get to spend the rest of my life with my all time best friend and we couldn’t be happier!


CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN KAYLA AND JERID! We will always cherish your love story and how we were able to be a part of it. =) Many Blessings on your life and marriage together!  xoxo M

  1. Deloris Sutton

    June 21st, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Wow! The pictures are great!

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