Engaged* Lauren & Patrick

June 24, 2017

You know those stories about couples who were meant to find each other, but kept having missed

connections? Hi. We’re Patrick and Lauren.

We finally met in an unconventional way because we weren’t ready to meet each other quite yet despite the many chances we were given. We had an overlapping group of friends in High School, went to St. Ignatius at the same time, and I worked at the same Country Club as his sister one summer, just to name a few of our missed opportunities. But God knew what he was doing all along. He waited more than a decade after we {probably} saw each other from afar, decided we were ready, and stepped in to bring us together. Patrick asked me on a date for a Tuesday in early October at Local Pour’s West Gray location (we love this too because it is our initials – LP!). I remember being excited but nervous… all of those hopeful feelings you get before a first date. I’m always early places, so when I pulled in I wasn’t expecting he’d be there yet. I called as I was walking in and, to my surprise, he was already there with a table. The doors opened, and in front of me stood a handsome brunette in a grey polo. The butterflies went crazy.

We sat, had a drink and talked for three hours before we decided to leave. It was a work night after all, and he had to drive back to The Woodlands. Patrick’s favorite part of the night’s ending was when he turned around as we walked out and asked, “Are you taller than me?” breaking me out of my day dream, couldn’t believe what a first date that was, cloud nine kind of moment.  I quickly snapped, “No!” He loves my height, but I didn’t know it yet. My favorite moment was as he walked me to my car, he mentioned what a great time he had and would like to see me again soon. Hello again butterflies. I was taken aback by how straightforward he was. It was refreshing that he wasn’t going to play a game and make me wait to hear from him. And he certainly didn’t make me wait long to plan the next date. The following day, he invited me to go to brunch that Sunday. It was immediately apparent this was something special. We continued to see each other, and as we carved pumpkins and passed out candy on Halloween, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Fast forward a little over a year, we both knew we’d met the one we couldn’t imagine life without and were ready to make our relationship permanent.

His Proposal Story:

Autumn is really special for Lauren and me. We started dating in the Fall and those early moments of our relationship were filled with joy (and angst). I knew that I wanted to propose during that time period, but there were several things I needed to do before I could. First, I needed to find a time to talk to Lauren’s parents without her knowing. Then, I needed to coordinate the actual proposal with both of our families so they could be there. Finally, I needed to propose when her younger sister Hanna was home from Colorado. Lauren’s older sister Ashley lived out of state, so we would find another way to include her in this moment.

Lauren conveniently went to an out of town bachelorette party in the first weekend of November. I took that opportunity to meet with her parents and ask for their approval. They happily obliged, but only after I asked the most important person first; Polly- Lauren’s dog. She too happily agreed, and I moved on to the next task.

Hanna came home a few days before Thanksgiving and everything quickly became real. I shifted gears and started coordinating and planning with our two families. Fast forward to the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26, 2017. The day came and went, and now Lauren and I planned to grab drinks at Local Pour, our first date spot. We arrived at Hughes Landing, and I asked to take the scenic route to Local Pour; her hand in mine. We reached the focal point of the landscape; a large awning overlooking the water. I suggested we sit on a nearby wooden log to appreciate the moment. Then I took a deep breath, looked into her eyes and said three simple words and much more; followed by me descending to one knee. I asked and she said yes!

After, I turned around and pointed toward Local Pour where both of our families were watching the entire thing and waiting to celebrate us. We hugged and they cheered.


Her Proposal Story:

The Christmas season, family and Local Pour have always been special to both of us. So it came as no surprise that Patrick pulled everything together for an intimate, special proposal. I had a feeling a proposal would be happening sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I wasn’t sure when. I did make sure, however, I always went out with my hair done and nails manicured. He said he’d like to take me out the Saturday after Thanksgiving to “celebrate us.” This was nothing of a surprise as he frequently likes to take me out to celebrate even the smallest occasion… It’s Friday? Celebrate! We have no plans this weekend? Celebrate! You ate chicken for lunch? Celebrate! He decided on Local Pour for this particular celebration. Still, nothing out of the ordinary as we frequently go to Local Pour’s Woodlands location.

We parked at Whole Foods and he asked if I’d like to walk the long way around by the water to LP. We came to the beautiful awning and sat on one of the logs facing the water. He spoke about how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Before I knew it, he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I was in such a shock from emotion, all I could get out was a weak “okay” (moments later I said yes! with enthusiasm). I was crying and in true Lauren fashion, I asked for All. The. Details. The more the better. He said he would, but now was not the time; our families were waiting at Local Pour for us. They had watched the proposal transpire from the patio. We had a champagne celebration before enjoying dinner by ourselves as a newly engaged couple. It was a magical evening, and I couldn’t imagine a better proposal.


*Congratulations again Lauren and Patrick!  Thank you so much for inviting me in on your beautiful love story!  I’m very excited to capture your special day!  =) xo M

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