Mr. & Mrs. Havens

December 5, 2017

Meet my very endearing couple Jordan & John!  Congratulations again you two love birds! I’m very excited for your journey together!

I hope you enjoy these highlights from their wedding!  Here is a little of how it all started from my sweet bride.


From Jordan; John and I met 3 years ago one day after John’s birthday. I was home (in Houston) for the summer from college, at the time I was living in Lubbock attending Texas Tech, and John was in Houston visiting his family for his birthday, at the time he was living in Rockwall, near Dallas.

I LOVE dancing, two stepping specifically, its pretty much all there was to do in Lubbock so i was out dancing 3 nights a week at least, lol. John is NOT a dancer, lol but thankfully his brother, Will, is. Will dragged him out for his birthday to Whiskey river, where i happened to be that night with my good friend (and bridesmaid) Kirby, and one of Kirby’s friends.I was inside all night dancing with anyone who would dance with me lol (again I LOVE dancing) while Kirby and her friend were on the outside patio.

John and his brother started up a conversation with them, but after a while John was ready to leave, as he didn’t really want to be there in the first place, when my friend Kirby told John “Wait, my friend is inside and i’m sure she’ll come out here looking for us soon, you’ll want to stay, she’s cute and she really likes red heads!” (as you know John definitely is lol).

When I finally came outside, he jumped out of his seat, offering it to me, and called me by name. He starts talking to me like he’s known me forever. I was a little taken aback until he explained that Kirby had been talking me up. I’m very shy, and very reserved, John on the other hand is the complete opposite. He’s the most friendly, outgoing person i’ve ever met. He could have a conversation with every stranger he meets.

I very quickly realized that we were complete opposites. He was a bit of a bad boy, while I’m the girl that made straight A’s and never got into trouble a day in my entire life. At first he was a little intimidating, he spilled his guts and his whole life’s story to me in the first 20 minutes of meeting him, but I found his honesty really refreshing, and even a little endearing. He asked me what I wanted to drink, I said “whisky neat” and that’s the first time John proposed to me, he got on his knee and asked me to marry him right there on the patio floor. We started talking about our favorite cars (69 Camaro all the way), that’s the second time John proposed to me. By the end of the night he had asked me to marry him a total of three times, which I felt deserved at least giving the guy my phone number.

From there it was lots and LOTS of talking long distance, and then a few months later I graduated and john and I both moved back to Houston. 3 years later, he proposed to me for the fourth time, while on a family trip to Lake Travis, a place my family and I have vacationed at many times a year since before I was born. He had a plan that was ruined by bad weather, so he knew he had to ask quick, before a storm hit, lol. So he takes me out by the water, sweaty and dirty from camping and swimming all day, and asked me to be his wife. It was perfect. Simple, sweet and complete with my family and Kirby there to witness. That time, I said yes!





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