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December 13, 2017

Congratulations again to my sweet Brandi and charming Travis! I am so excited to share a few photos of their special day with you all!  Just take a few minutes to read about their love story!  My sweet Bride has found her Prince charming! =)

From Brandi:
Travis and I met at church. Travis was leading worship for a church service I wasn’t planning to attend (I had been trying other churches but overslept that morning so I went ahead to my home church near my house). After Travis finished leading worship and the service was over he abruptly interrupted Pastor Jeff mid-conversation and made it clear to Pastor Jeff that he’s gotta meet me and get my number. If you knew Travis you’d know this is not like him, he’s old-fashioned, well-mannered and doesn’t interrupt folks in conversation. Long story short, our pastor hooked it up!! (Shout-out to Pastor Jeff!). We still hadn’t officially met until our first “blind” date the following Friday night (August 12, 2016).

After the first date jitters were out and I clumsily slipped and fell out of his truck that night, the conversation flowed like we had known each other our entire lives. After that night we saw each other everyday for two weeks straight and we exchanged those “3 little words” within our first two weeks of dating. A few months later Travis began leading worship full-time at a church in The Woodlands. Everyone gets this glow on their faces when they talk about Travis. Travis can make an entire room burst into laughter with his witty personality. He also has the ability to move a sanctuary full of people to tears with a heartfelt sermon. He’s genuine, driven, a natural born adventurer and brings out the best in me. Our chance meeting at church that Sunday morning in August 2016 was the blessing from God that we were both praying for.

*Proposal* We took a long Easter weekend road trip to Colorado Springs. We spent 16+ hours together driving all through Texas, the flat parts of New Mexico, and finally making it gorgeous Colorado! Travis popped the question after a beautiful 4 mile hike to the top of Mount Cutler. He’ll tell you that I hardly let him finish “Will You Marry Me” before I yelled “OMG YES!!”. We had the mountaintop all to ourselves for at least an hour. It was truly magical, and we felt as if time stood still. We were worn out and sweaty from spending hours climbing that glorious mountain. It was a picture perfect day! We love hiking and love spending our time outdoors, this hike was by far the best one yet!

We genuinely enjoy the simple things in life and feel like our wedding on December 2nd reflected our values. We had an outdoor ceremony in a rustic barn, Pastor Jeff helped officiate the wedding along with Travis’ father, Larry. We were so happy that our wedding had personal and sentimental touches that no one could re-create. The reception was filled with hit music from the 60’s & 70’s which brought back memories of indulging in oldies music with my father. We loved having everyone join us on the dance floor!

I have said this from day one and a thousand times since then….Travis makes the simple day-to-day events so much fun! He can take a boring, dull day and flip it on it’s side and make it a day to remember. I am so fortunate and eternally grateful that the Lord had our paths cross on that Sunday morning in August. 



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