Corrine & Zach

January 3, 2018

I had the honor of capturing Corinne and Zach while in Seattle last summer!  They came all the way up to Paradise, Mt. Rainier for their session!  I was SO excited to meet them and take photos up on one of my favorite places!  I used to see this mountain on a daily basis from our neighborhood growing up in SeaTac, Wa.  What a beautiful day it turned out to be!  The clouds burned off just in time for a lovely afternoon shooting on the trails of Mt Rainier. These two and their proposal story will be featured on ‘How He Asked’ by The Knot sometime this month!!  Look for the feature share soon!!!

Here is their love story!  From Corinne; My Forever Valentine

Zach and I met on February 14th, 2015, through two mutual friends who wanted each of us to come out as their wingmen on Valentine’s Day, and were hoping we’d hit it off. I remember the morning before we met, I came in the door to my apartment looking (in my opinion) like a hot mess after a sweaty gym session, with zero makeup, a disheveled bun, and a venti iced latte in hand, and was immediately greeted by my roommate saying “Say cheese!” and snapping a picture of me.

My valiant efforts to grab her phone from her and delete the candid proved futile, and before I knew it, she told me that she had sent it to Zach, assuring me that I look far better in my au natural state than I give myself credit for. As I reamed her over the fact that his first impression of me was no longer going to be the dolled up version I had planned, we heard the ping of her phone and a message from Zach that said “Wow, she’s beautiful! (:”

That was the first time Zach gave me the feeling that I’m lucky enough to have experienced every day with him since then, and that I am blessed enough to experience for the rest of my life with him- feeling accepted, valued, appreciated, and cherished for exactly who I am.


We come from different worlds as a teacher and a welder, and sometimes our opinions on things couldn’t be more different. Because of our differences though, we learn from each other every day, our ability to compromise and empathize with each other makes us better people, and we have the one most important thing in common- we love each other more than anything in this world.

Fast forward to 2 and a half years down the road, a house, a fur baby, and too many amazing memories building our life together to count. He asked me to take this last Valentine’s Day and the day after off work, so immediately the hopeless romantic within me began developing a sneaking suspicion that it could be our big night.

He had booked us a gorgeous room at the Hyatt in Seattle, and took me to a phenomenal, romantic dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I kept thinking he was going to pop the question at dinner because we had the fanciest table, he kept stretching it out longer by ordering more food, and apparently that setting was as far as my hopelessly romantic scenarios had played out in my head. Two hours later, when we left the restaurant without it happening, I was desperately trying to conceal my disappointment.

That is, until we opened the door to the hotel, and I saw all of the twinkling lights and rose petals leading down the hallway. My heart skipped a beat and immediately the waterworks took over. On the bed there was a huge heart of rose petals, a bunch of pictures of us tied to the ends of giant heart balloons, and 7 envelopes attached to the ends of balloons that were numbered, with things like “Best teacher in the world”, “My best friend”, “Love of my life”, etc., and then number 7 led to a bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries, and an envelope on the windowsill overlooking the city that said “Will you marry me?” When I turned towards him after reading it, he was down on one knee with my ring, saying “Corinne Doughton, will you marry me?!”

(Thank god he captured this whole perfect experience on video with his Go-Pro so I can relive it whenever I want to!) I’ve never been so sure of a yes in my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of the rest of our lives with my best friend.



Congratulations again Corinne and Zach!  I’m excited for both of you and your special day this coming summer!  =)

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