Amanda & Alex

December 29, 2017

I am finally getting around to some of the fun I had this summer while up in Seattle Washington!  I’m so excited for Amanda and Alex to welcome their little angel in just 2 short months!  Thank you again for allowing me the honor of capturing some memories for you both!!

Here is some of their love story from Amanda: I (Amanda) was born in WA and grew up in Wyoming. Alex was born and raised in the south Seattle WA area and went to school in Laramie Wyoming. Little did we know that we lived on the same street, less than a mile apart, until our paths crossed at a local watering hole one evening. I kept hearing from mutual friends that he was someone I should get to know, but I scoffed at this because he was 10 years younger than me… that is until they got to talking and he mentioned Wyoming, which turned out to be the best pickup line ever. Just as Frankie Ballard sings “It all started with a beer”, and the rest is history.
Alex proposed nearly a year later on July 30 2016, completely catching me off-guard. We had been landscaping and laying sod all day and were walking together hand in hand when he suddenly swung around and tearfully got down on one knee. I have never been one for big showy things, so the peace and intimacy of sharing that moment between just Alex, his 3 year old son and I was nothing but perfect. The picture we captured just after I said yes, complete with work clothes and the dirt on my wrist from my gloves, is actually the only engagement photo we had until meeting with Mychelle Levan Photography.

Amanda and Alex tied the knot one year to the day later on July 30 2017 at The Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, followed by honeymooning in Kauai Hawaii for 11 days. To make their story complete, they are increasing their family by one in February 2018! A secret they kept from friends and family for over 2 months until announcing it at their reception. Two of a kind, workin’ on a full house


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