Alleshea & Cristian

May 8, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet couple Alleshea and Cristian!  I am so honored to be capturing your love story and to be a part of your lives in such a big way! I’m very excited for you and your families!  What a fun time I had with you both for your engagement session!! I hope you all enjoy the photos I picked to share with you today!

Here is their love story!  From my bride Alleshea;  Our story begins in August 2015 in an accounting classroom. I sat in front of Cristian, in complete oblivion that he existed. Throughout the semester, Cristian continued to attempt to talk to me. But I was completely consumed with classes, I rarely responded with more than two words. Honestly, I was shy because deep down I was interested in getting to know him. And, well, I thought he was kinda cute.


 In October, I was assisting in the tutoring lab, alone and overwhelmed with so many students. Cristian walked in with a friend to receive assistance, and I immediately put them to work. He soon asked for my number, but we did not text for several weeks.

Fast forward to the week before Thanksgiving, and I had a Spanish research paper due. It was laying on my desk in accounting class, and after the lecture was finished, he questioned me about it. Why would a green eyed, blonde hair girl have a Spanish paper? But, I was talking with another friend and never responded to his question. I texted him later that day, and our conversation took off. He was so shocked I knew Spanish, his first language. Soon, we had shared our testimonies of how Christ had redeemed our lives and our involvement in ministry sharing this good news.

Cristian and I maintained a “friendship” for over a year and a half until we started discussing intentions and the possibility of dating. Early January 2017, we began talking more seriously and our first date was breakfast (my favorite meal!) close to my birthday in March.


After a month and a half of dating unofficially, he asked me to join him for dinner on the Woodlands Water Way. After dinner, we took a stroll along the water and stopped at a random bench. He asked my favorite memories over our friendship/dating, and I surely said something simple. But, he began to recount everything, EVERYTHING, we had done together and his favorite memory of each activity. Swoon. Then, he expressed how much he enjoyed getting to know me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes! Finally!

We had enjoyed ten and a half months of dating when Cristian took me back to that same bench, all decorated with candles and lanterns and a sign that said, “she is worth more than rubies, she is worth diamonds.” There, he kneeled down, pulled out an amazing ring, expressed why he loved me, and asked me to be his wife forever! In just a few short days, I will have the privilege of marrying my best friend!! I cannot wait to see the life we will build together as one!



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