Macey & Cody

May 19, 2018

Congratulations to these to sweet lovers!  Another cowboy has found his angel!  We had such a wonderful time together for their engagements.  I was able to experience a little piece of Macey’s life by taking the photos on her family’s ranch.  The ranch has been in her family for over 100 years!  I just love learning about each of my couples and finding out how they have become the people they are today!  Just excites me!  =)  Here is a glimpse from our session together and little about their love story from my beautiful bride Macey!

Cody and I met my second year in college through mutual friends at a dance hall in College Station. We
both love dancing, so we danced multiple times that night. At the end of the night we exchanged



We didn’t see each other again for several weeks since he worked out on the road. When he
came home over Christmas we went on a double date with one of his best friends where we went to
dinner and played laser tag after – where the girls of course won. We both had a great time, but we
didn’t start dating until almost a year later.


 Over that time, we talked here and there until he began
pursuing me again the following fall. We had started talking more frequently and happened to run into
each other at the same dance hall after a Texas A&M football game. After that we didn’t skip a beat.
Since he worked on the road he was only off maybe one weekend a month. So, I started driving to
wherever he was working to spend time with him when he would get off in the evenings on weekends.

My first trip was to Stephenville where we consider having our first “official date.” He took me to Fort
Worth so that we could have dinner at Texas de Brazil and walk through downtown. This was when we
shared our first kiss! Even though I knew he was special, this weekend showed me just how special he
really was. We had a great night and continued seeing each other when he could come home or when I
could drive up to see him.

That December we were already going on a trip to Las Vegas with our mutual
friends. Cody took me to lunch one day at an Italian restaurant at the Venetian where he officially asked
me to be his girlfriend.

We dated for a little over two years before getting engaged. We were already planning to come home
one weekend in March for another wedding. That same weekend we were supposed to be celebrating
my pawpaw’s birthday, or so I thought, at my family’s ranch.

We typically had get togethers here, so it
wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. We had my entire family come, several close family friends, and his
family. All these people typically came to get togethers so there still wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
Cody was getting antsy since we were running late, but I just assumed it was because they were waiting
on us before eating lunch.

When we arrived, everyone was already there. Instead of eating lunch right
away since we had a late breakfast, my pawpaw blessed the food so everyone else could eat while my
parents and siblings, my best friend and her husband, and Cody and I went to skeet shoot – which we
had already planned.

  Once we got to where we were going to shoot I got out and started pulling gun
cases out of the truck bed, which had our guns and my dad’s guns. The first case I pulled out I didn’t
recognize, but I assumed it was my dad’s. I opened the case and it was a brand new over and under,
which I had been wanting.

 I asked my dad when he got a new gun, because of course Cody wouldn’t buy
a gun without telling me. After my dad said it wasn’t his, and it wasn’t my uncles, my best friend told me
to turn the gun over.

 On the stock read, “Macey Allyson, will you marry me?” I turned around and Cody
got down on one knee where he asked me again. I was so surprised and so ecstatic and I of course said,


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