Cheryl & Josh

July 10, 2018

This was a fun and unique engagement session for me!  I had never taken engagements indoors before but this session has me loving it!  Cheryl and Josh are such an amazing couple with a very easy love!  They were so much fun and the perfect couple for my first in studio session; laughing, dancing and playing, they were naturals!   Congratulations again you two!  I am so excited for you both and am looking forward to your special day at the Astorian!  It’s coming so soon!!!

Here is a little from my sweet couple:

Josh and I met in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Technically, that’s the first time we met in-person. We had met on a week or two earlier, both with similar stories: using all the same filters, we had each managed to filter out all the eligible singles within the 2.5 million-person Bay Area to exactly…nine eligible singles each. It turns out there aren’t many Texas-loving, Christian-fearing, big sky and open field-yearning, southern hospitality-driven singles in California. So, our odds were good when we each appeared as one of nine matches in the others’ search results.

After one accepted-but-then-declined date by me, Josh tried again, and we met for our first date on Wednesday, March 9th. Both hedging on whether the date would be enjoyable or not, we each came with our own escape plan, if needed. However, conversation rolled from the wine bar to a three-hour dinner, and we shut down the bayside restaurant at 10:00pm. Within those 4 hours, our respective stories began to emerge:

Josh was visiting San Francisco for six weeks, visiting from Houston, Texas, and staying at a nearby Airbnb with co-workers. He was in San Francisco for six weeks, and we met during week number three.

I had been living in San Francisco for the last year after having ended a previous long-distance relationship. I had declined the first date because San Francisco was too far from my apartment (a full 20-minute drive) – I wasn’t looking for another ‘long distance’ relationship!

We both left the date intrigued and feeling good about how things went. So, when Josh texted on Saturday that he was in Napa with his co-workers and invited me to join, I put down my book and drove out to meet them. We had our first kiss in beautiful Napa Valley, CA.

Over the next three weeks, we had park dates, theatre dates, and bayside restaurant dates. But then suddenly, we found ourselves on date number five or six, only three weeks in, having to decide if we were going to try long distance before he headed back to Texas the next day. After some discussion and prayer, we decided that we would try it, committing to never going more than two weeks without seeing each other.

One full year later, I moved to Houston, Texas. We had succeeded in never going more than two weeks without seeing each other, and learned to use the travel opportunities to find new places to explore together. Seven months after moving to Houston, Josh proposed.


On Saturday, October 7, 2017, during a stroll through Central Park in New York City with Austen and Julie McCoy, we sat down on this bench for a quick break while Austen and Julie explored elsewhere. That’s when Josh pulled out a jewelry box and began with, “I got you something for our 18 month anniversary…it’s not a ring, though.” Completely surprised, I opened the box to find a beautiful heart-shaped diamond necklace. The necklace must have gotten tangled in transit, and so after a few minutes of untangling the chain, we were able to replace the old necklace with the new necklace. Now with the old necklace in hand, Josh pulled out another jewelry box (unbeknownst to me) and said, “we can put your old necklace back in the box,” and handed me the jewelry box. When I opened the new box, there was a beautiful diamond ring in it. Shocked and confused, I looked at the ring and back at Josh many times before comprehending what was actually happening, at which point Josh got down on his knee and proposed. 

There are 9,485 benches in New York’s Central Park, but this one will forever be ours.

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