Kristine & Dillon

November 2, 2018

Check these two sweet lovers out!  They are such a sweet, genuine and laid back pair!  I had such a great time getting to know them a little better and catch up on how their wedding planning was going!  These two have everything done! What?  Yes, you read that right!  Almost a year out and they are free to just enjoy the rest of their engagement!  Woohoo!  Now that is some exciting news!  Yay!

Here is a little from my sweet bride Kristine: =)  Dillon and I actually met 7 and a half years ago at Big Texas (yeehaw!). He was out for his birthday with a group of his good friends (now groomsmen), and I was with 2 of my good friends (now bridesmaids). We became friends and stayed in touch through the years, running into each other and meeting up to go to church every so often.

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago at the Houston Rodeo when we decided to meet up with one another and catch up, much like we did every year around this time. My mom actually met him this night for the first time. For months after meeting him, she would keep telling me “Dillon is such a nice guy! You should text him.” I would tell her that she only met him for 5 minutes, how would she know?! LOL


Well turns out… mom was right (as usual)! I reached out to Dillon later that Spring, and the rest is history!!

Our story is not only special because of the long history we have but also because many of our close friends then are still very much a part of our lives now and are going to be part of our wedding day as well. They have seen our friendship evolve over the years into much more.

Dillon proposed earlier this year, two days after Valentine’s Day as I always hinted that I did not want to become engaged on a holiday. That’s his sense of humor for you!

We are less than a year away from our wedding on 10/12/19. We could not be more excited to celebrate our special day with our family and friends and of course, Mychelle!!



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