Sarah & Alex

November 17, 2018

I’m so excited to share with you a little from this amazing engagement session I had with Sarah & Alex.  These two drove all the way from San Antonio despite our crazy weather lately and some car trouble on the way down!! AND on top of that they also managed to bring their BIG fur baby, an english mastiff named Liberty, to our session! =)

Let me tell you she was just the sweetest girl ever!  I sure do love it when my couples want to include their pups!  They are family members to me so I say, “YES, bring’m!” We could hear her whine when we had to do some with out her though, it was too sweet.  Sarah’s mom and Sarah’s bestie where there to wrangle Liberty when I began to focus on my amazing couple.  They had to walk Liberty away from us cause she wanted her parents so badly lol. It was too sweet!  That may have been a fun picture though – if she would have gotten free and chased us down and then tackled Sarah and Alex! 😉 Lol, I may have to let that happen next time. 😉  I couldn’t be happier for these two!  They have a sweet story too! So be sure to read what they each have to share with you about their beginnings!  It’s always fun to hear both sides of the story and Alex chimed in with his side just for the occasion!  Yay!  I hope you all enjoy the sneak peek of their engagements!


From my Bride Sarah; Alex and my brother met at the army’s officer training camp and became friends, and then decided to live together when they moved to Florida for EOD school. I went to visit my brother that first summer they lived together and he introduced me to Alex. Neither of us thought much of it, but my mom told me a little while later that she had a feeling that I would marry one of my brother’s friends! 
Fast forward to the next year, and both my brother and Alex were moving to Fort Hood, Texas and decided to continue living together. Lucky for me Fort Hood was just an hour away from where I was going to school at the University of Texas! Alex joined our family for Thanksgiving dinner that year and it was then that I knew he was really something special. We talked the entire evening and he asked me on a date a few weeks later. He had to leave for a three-week work trip the day after our first date, but we talked every single day he was gone and I knew he was the one before he even got back!
Last November, a few weeks before Alex deployed, he planned a whole day-long date for us in the Hill Country. We ended the day riding horses in Marble Falls around sunset, and when we stopped to take pictures he decided it was “time to quit horsing around” and pulled out a ring! Saying yes to him was the easiest decision I’ve ever made!
A few words from Alex: Sarah and I met in Florida where I lived with her brother while we went to school together. I thought she was cute, but she was off limits due to being his sister. I got orders to be just an hour away from her, and we started hanging out platonically. We really enjoyed each other’s company, and started talking more and more.
I finally asked her on a date right before I went on a long work trip. We talked every day that I was gone, and we have talked every day since. I knew that I loved her when I didn’t even have to be around her and still felt like she was the person that was closest to me. This has been a great thing, too, as most of our relationship has been long distance.

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