Amy & Daniel

November 26, 2018

Congratulations to my sweet couple Amy and Daniel!  These two have such a real sweet love for one another!  I just loved our time together during our engagement session!  They were up for any type of adventure all for the sake of great photos!  My kind of couple lol ;)!  Here is a peek at our engagement session and a little bit of their sweet beginnings from my gorgeous bride Amy!  Enjoy!


The night I met Daniel at El Big Bad started with several margaritas and a lot of nervous giggling on my part.

From the moment he walked in, wearing his grey suit pants and white button up, I was instantly VERY attracted to him.

As we talked and got to know each other, there was an instant connection. In fact, we stayed out until 2 am that night talking and flirting it up! We didn’t want the night to end.

The weeks following our first date was a lot of second, third, and fourth dates….all leaving me feeling giddy, exhausted yet rejuvenated, and just so unbelievably happy. Daniel and I’s connection was so different than anything I’d ever felt.

We often layed next to each other and talked about how bad we made the others heart hurt. My strong and intense feelings toward him literally made my heart physically hurt! It was crazy! Over time, our strong connection grew into a strong love and my feelings only got deeper the more time I spent with Daniel.

He truly understands me like no one ever has, believes in me, supports me, and deeply loves me for who I am. He is my rock. My best friend. My soulmate.

I know God gave me Daniel, and I will always cherish our rare and special love that we have been blessed with. I cannot wait to marry this sweet, kindhearted, strong, handsome, and loyal man of mine.


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