Whitney & Austin

December 4, 2018

Congratulations to these two fun loving beautiful people!  I had a blast shooting Whitney & Austin’s engagement session and can not wait for their wedding! I can not wait to see how his ‘bear’ tradition carries over into his own wedding!  Ya’ll, I’ve seen several photos of Austin in this bear suit at his friend’s weddings, so I’m dying to see what happens at their wedding.  However besides the suit these two let their personalities and love for each other really shine.  I have the BEST couples around! Take a peak at their engagements and let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!


From my gorgeous bride Whitney; Austin always had a way of reaching out to me when I wasn’t looking for love. We talked often, but nothing had ever come of it.

I dreaded first dates and we lived an hour apart, so when he asked me out,
I never thought it would work. When he called saying he was in town for our date, my heart sunk, I had
my hair in a bun and a hoodie and jeans on. Looking back, I don’t think that even mattered.


We connected immediately, and that first date turned into a second date and a third date, and the rest was
history. He became my best friend, and eventually my best friend became the love of my life.

Austin is my biggest supporter, he goes above and beyond for me to make me feel loved and happy. He
is ever so patient with me, even when I am having my moments, which can be quite often.

He is who I go to when I am upset or angry, and he is there, ready for me to talk his ear off, or make me laugh and
forget about my horrible day. I am blessed beyond belief to have this loving man in my life, and I cannot
wait to spend the rest of my life with him.




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