Judith & Nick

December 10, 2018

Congratulations to these two lovers!  I’m so excited for their journey together!  It amazes me all that I learn about love with each couple!  These two have such a beautiful future awaiting them!  Here is a peek at our session together and their love story from my amazing bride Judith!

From Judith:

Nick and I met April 20, 2013; we had both gone out with friends to watch a boxing match at a restaurant. He went with his guy-friends and I went with my girl-friends. I remember seeing him from across the room and immediately being attracted to him.

I obviously said something to my friends and being the friends that they are, they began to make small talk with his friends. We eventually all put our tables together and chit-chatted but no one-on-one with the attractive guy (Nick)!!! I left for the night thinking surely I’ll never see this guy again…. Lol.

Fast forward to maybe a week or two later, some friends and I went to a local bar for some drinks. I ran into Nick again and we instantly recognized each other and exchanged numbers. A few texts turned into texting every single day for about 6 months. Unfortunately the connection fizzled and we both went on different paths. He was the typical frat boy, always partying and I was the stay at home watching movies kind of gal. I still had a crush on him and always jokingly asked his friend to set us up again but made sure he actually didn’t. haha!!!

Nicholas joined the military (Navy) April 1, 2014 and I thought well I’ll for sure never see him now. He had boot camp for 30 days and then sent me (and all his friends) a snapchat saying he was officially a sailor. I remember looking at the message for hours unsure if I was going to respond or not, I mean I hadn’t talked to this guy in over 6 months. I’m sure you can guess by now that I did decide to text him and congratulate him. He sent a few snaps here and there for a couple months and then, once again, asked for my phone number.

We texted each other for a few months, unsure if we would work out because of the distance. We met once during thanksgiving break and went out with friends, he left a couple days later and I knew he was someone I wanted to take a risk on. He went on deployment February 14, 2015, after this our only conversations were by email once or twice a month. They were very difficult, confusing times for me. I often let other people’s opinions about long distance relationships persuade me to overthink the decision of pursuing a relationship with Nick.

I somehow didn’t let those opinions keep me from talking to him. He came home from what seemed like a lifetime October 2015. He made the relationship official in December of 2015 after seeing each other for a few days. He moved to Hawaii and then California, and we saw each other at least once every two months. It didn’t take long for me to know that he was the man I wanted to build a family and grow old with. He proposed in December 2017!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!

The proposal was very intimate. It was just he and I out for dinner celebrating our 2 year anniversary. It was a very romantic evening, we couldn’t stop holding hands and looking at each other the entire night.
As soon as we finished dessert he walked over to me and I remember thinking “What is he doing?” He got down on one knee and my heart instantly dropped. Obviously I said Yessss!!! We celebrated with friends the next day and then he was off to California again.

He finished his time with the Navy April 1, 2018 and finally came home. The distance was finally over and it felt so unreal!!! I’m thankful for the distance, as it made our relationship so much stronger!! We were able to get to know each other mentally and work through so many problems miles apart. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. I can’t wait to spend my life with the sweetest man, I can’t wait to grow spiritually together always putting God first, and I can’t wait to forever wake up to the love of my life!!!

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