Katie & Doug

April 5, 2019

When I met Katie she said she knew I was the photographer for her as soon as she saw my reception photos on The Royal Dukes wedsite. Then after she read my bio on my website she said that was it. She wasn’t looking any further lol! I love when brides feel connected to me before even meeting me! It makes our time together that much more special! Here is a peek from our engagement session together and a little of their love story =). Isn’t it crazy how after all these years they were reconnected and now on their way to forever together!

Katie’s brother, Brian, and Doug’s brother, TC, are responsible for bringing the two families together. Back in 1993 at a flag football game, their parents realized they went to high school together in West Palm Beach, Florida and became instant friends. In the years to follow, Katie and Doug’s families had countless get-togethers. 

At all those family get-togethers, TC picked up on how awesome Katie is. In 2000, Chris left a rose on Katie’s desk and asked her to the homecoming dance. It was the most awkward date, and the two barely spoke to each other. They eventually became close friends.

Given the four year age difference, Katie and Doug did not hang out much as kids. That changed while Katie and TC were at ASU together, Doug would come home from American University and they all hung out – most commonly at their favorite neighborhood spot Old Chicago. 

On one of his trips home, Doug even went with Katie to her sorority – Kappa Alpha Theta’s – formal. Unlike her date with TC 5 years earlier, Katie and Doug had a blast! 

Over the next decade, despite living in different cities (Katie in Phoenix > New York > Phoenix > Houston and Doug in D.C. > College Station > Houston > Bartlesville> Detroit), they saw each other often. 

From traveling to support Katie’s brother, Brian, and the Utah Utes (this was before they were in the Pac 12, of course!) in Las Vegas, Chapel Hill and Fort Worth… to traveling the country cheering on their Arizona State Sun Devils as part of the Visor Crew… to being each other’s wedding dates…and visiting each other in their respective cities, they made lots of memories.

In 2015, Katie and Doug both ended up in Houston, Texas. After some time living in the same city, they decided to make it official.

In August 2018, Katie and Doug went to Panama for a vacation. During a hike to the tallest point in Panama City, Doug proposed.

Out of all the places in Panama, they felt it was only appropriate to celebrate at Buffalo Wild Wings. Back home in Arizona Katie’s mom, Karen, and Doug’s mom, Anne, threw a party that night to celebrate becoming family!

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