Stephanie & Waylon

April 29, 2019

Congratulations to my sweet couple Stephanie and Waylon! We had such a great time shooting their engagements up on Waylons family’s Lake Livingston property! What a piece of heaven they have out there on the lake! I quite agree with them when they say that it’s hard to leave! I can only imagine all the beautiful memories and sunsets they will continue to have together! I hope you enjoy a peek from our session and read their love story from my beautiful bride Stephanie!

Waylon and Stephanie’s love story began on eHarmony a little over two years ago. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Waylon received a message in his inbox from Steph. Odd that a girl would reach out first, Waylon was intrigued. After a few days of getting to know each other through their laptop screens, they decided it would be safe to meet up at a local burger joint, The Shack. They enjoyed each other’s company so much that they talked for over four hours! They had so much in common! In the following weeks, both made efforts to see each other multiple times a week (despite Houston traffic and living 45 minutes apart). They made their relationship official right before Valentine’s Day that February.  

Waylon and Steph’s relationship has grown and they have been able to make many memories together in the last two and a half years.The couple quickly grew even closer when they braved out Hurricane Harvey together in August 2017. Something they will always remember is evacuating on Steph’s tandem kayak through the floodwaters with her dog Mia. Also unforgettable was 4-wheeling through the flooded streets to eventually retrieve their belongings. This is when their families truly connected, coming together to support them during this surreal time. Talk about a “bonding” experience!Early on, they found it comforting to know they both grew up experiencing memories on lakes. Now, many of their favorite memories together have been made on Lake Livingston (hence why they took their engagement pictures there!). “Fields Point” has been in Waylon’s family since before the lake was filled-in in the 1960s! Waylon has taught Steph how to fish, how to drive the jet-ski, and even the silly family tradition stated after finishing a meal! One of Waylon’s favorite memories with Steph has been planting several new trees last year on the point- a memory they can pass down to their future family. They hope to continue the Field’s Point legacy and keep the memories coming and traditions alive!

Not only do they love spending their weekends on Lake Livingston fishing, jet-skiing, relaxing in the cove, and bbq’in, but you might also find them hunting, listening to country music, enjoying margaritas and Mexican food, or working/relaxing outside.They have also discovered they enjoy traveling together and hope to do more of it! Their favorite trip was going to Cabo recently with friends. Whether it’s sightseeing, 4-wheeling through the sand dunes and mountains, catching marlins, or enjoying an authentic margarita, they loved doing it side-by-side. Currently they’re busy training Gus, an adorable Chihuahua puppy they recently rescued. 

On November 17, 2018, when Stephanie began to decorate for Christmas, Waylon brought Steph her annual ornament. On the tiny tin box was a sign that read, “All I want for Christmas is You“. Steph opened the box and found the most precious little Chihuahua ornament. Waylon got down on one knee and proposed! The couple had a big laugh when Stephanie couldn’t find the ring right away and Waylon asked if he could stand up to help her!

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