Mary Katherine & Hunter

May 9, 2019

Let me introduce you to Ms. Mary Katherine Scott and Mr. Hunter Hassebrock. These two are tying the knot this fall at The Junior League of Houston and I am so excited to have the honor of capturing their love adventure! Just look at these two and tell me you can not feel their energy for each other! EEEkk! Enjoy a peek from our engagements session along with their love story from my sweet couple! Enjoy!

Hunter and Mary Katherine met at their church, Houston’s First Baptist Church, in January of 2018. Mary Katherine had just moved to Houston after graduating from Texas A&M University in December of 2017 and was trying to settle down and find a new church to attend. Hunter had called Houston home his whole life and had moved back to start working in the summer of 2016 after he graduated from Baylor University. Mary Katherine walked into church and met Hunter right away, as he was greeting at the door that day! He was very kind and welcoming and she noticed his nice manners from the start. After church, he asked Mary Katherine if she was joining the rest of the class at lunch, but she unfortunately had other plans. 

Mary Katherine started attending Houston’s First regularly and she and Hunter began hanging out in group settings and getting to know each other. In fact, Hunter wanted to get to know Mary Katherine a little bit better, so he asked a few of his girl friends to plan a hang out and invite Mary Katherine just so he could get to talk to her a little more. Mary Katherine, who had no idea what Hunter was really doing, was really enjoying hanging out with her new friends and became especially interested in Hunter. She thought he was charming, interesting, and so kind to her.

Months went by and it was now Sunday, April 29, 2018. Like a lot of Sundays, Mary Katherine was headed to Memorial Park to play ultimate frisbee with friends from church. Hunter was normally there and she especially liked to be there when he was playing. Hunter had just bought a house and was in the middle of moving. He knew that he really didn’t have time to go play ultimate frisbee this summer, but he heard Mary Katherine was going so he dropped everything and headed to the park. After playing frisbee for a few hours, the group was tired and everyone was about to head home. Hunter knew that it was now or never. He picked up the frisbee again and started tossing it back and forth with Mary Katherine and their friend Laura. After a while, Laura wandered back to the group and it was just the two of them. After a while, they realized how far they had drifted from the group (mostly due to Mary Katherine’s lack of frisbee-throwing skills). As they started to walk back, Hunter told Mary Katherine that he had loved getting to know her and would like to take her on a date. She excitedly said yes, as she had developed quite the crush by this time. They agreed that the following Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, would be their first date. 

That week at work went by very slowly for both of them. That Saturday, Hunter made the trek out to Katy where Mary Katherine lived from The Heights where he lived. He picked her up and they drove right back into town to the Downtown Aquarium. They saw the fish, rode all the rides, and even touched some stingrays! In fact, Hunter was so busy talking to Mary Katherine that a stingray bit him and caused him to almost elbow her in the face! After the aquarium, they got gelato at a place in The Heights. They were both having a great time. Hunter drove Mary Katherine back to Katy and when he finally got back to his house, realized he drove over 100 miles on that date! 

Hunter asked Mary Katherine on more dates and she continued to say yes. After months full of fun, meeting each other’s family and friends, and falling in love, it was the weekend of March 9, 2019. Hunter’s birthday was March 11th and he had told Mary Katherine that they were going to a nice restaurant and to see a movie for his birthday. They got dressed up and headed to Brenner’s on the Bayou for dinner. The movie that Hunter told Mary Katherine they were going to see was Captain Marvel, and Hunter spent a long time at dinner trying to explain all the Marvel movies to Mary Katherine, as she hadn’t seen any! Dinner ended and they headed outside to wait for the valet to bring the car around. Right when Hunter’s car pulled up, he whisked Mary Katherine away to a town car that had been waiting at the side of the parking lot. The driver of the car stepped out and opened the door to the backseat. Hunter told Mary Katherine to get in the car and then told her that he forgot his wallet inside. Hunter ran and got in his car while Mary Katherine was in the town car alone! Shortly after Hunter drove away, the driver handed her an iPad. On the iPad was a 12 minute long video Hunter had made for her! It starts off by telling her that he didn’t forget his wallet. He then proceeded to go to special places that they had been throughout their dating relationship. He went to the Downtown Aquarium where they had their first date, both of their parents houses, and even to the church where they first met! Mary Katherine was definitely tearing up at this point! The town car pulled up to a gazebo in The Heights right as the video was ending. The gazebo is where Hunter first asked Mary Katherine to be his girlfriend and where they had their first kiss! Mary Katherine stepped out of the car and walked up the path to the gazebo which was lined with candles and rose petals. Hunter was waiting for her there! She was SO EXCITED! Hunter got down on one knee, proposed, and Mary Katherine of course said YES!

She was so excited she was literally jumping around and couldn’t stop hugging Hunter. It was the happiest moment of her life! After taking some photos with Hunter’s sisters who had been staked out capturing the whole thing in pictures and on video, Hunter and Mary Katherine got back in the car and watched the video again. As they were driving, Mary Katherine noticed that they were on their way to Hunter’s parents’ house in Cypress. They got out of the car and walked into the house where 50 of their friends and family were waiting on them to celebrate their engagement. It was the happiest night! 

Hunter and Mary Katherine cannot wait to be married! They are having fun wedding planning, but they know the real fun is coming when they get to simply be together and be united in marriage. Glory to God for bringing them together to chase after Him with one another for all their days! 

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