Lindsay & Cameron

May 14, 2019

Congratulations to these to adventurers! They are headed into their greatest adventure yet! Marriage! Wooohooo!! I’m so honored to capture their love adventure as it begins to take off! We had such a great time together shooting their engagements. Take a peek below and read their love story from my sweet couple! I just love how these two met and continue to adventure together!

It all started the weekend of October 10, 2014, in a vendor popsicle tent at the Austin City Limits festival. Lindsay and Cameron were both scheduled to volunteer to help with selling GoodPop popsicles for a free ticket into the music festival. Cameron was there helping his brother Taylor and Lindsay was there helping out her friend Hannah who also worked for GoodPop. The first time Lindsay spotted Cameron, he was jumping up and dancing making up his own jingles for getting people to buy popsicles. He was the life of the party! Lindsay caught Cameron’s eye and his bubbling personality tried to get Lindsay to pay attention to him, but unsure Lindsay laughed him off. 

After their volunteering duties, the two group of friends combined to go enjoy some shows at the festival. As the weekend went on, determined Cameron kept showing interest and tried to get to know Lindsay. Soon enough, Lindsay could not ignore his undeniable charm and humor. By the last day of the music festival, the really began to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other. Lindsay asked for Cameron to hold some of her belongings including her new nice pair of ray ban sunglasses. At the last show of the night, Calvin Harris, they were dancing the night away and Cameron stole a kiss from Lindsay. Thinking nothing would come about this sweet weekend, they did exchange numbers and Lindsay asked for her things and she went on her way. They lived in different cities, Houston and Austin, and didn’t think they would see each other again… Although, Cameron remembered Lindsay mentioned she was going to Katy, close to Houston, that following weekend. Before the show ended Cameron came up with a plan to hold on to Lindsay’s sunglasses to persuade her to see him that next weekend in Houston when she came to town. 

The following week came and Cameron asked if Lindsay would like to go out in Houston with him and his friends. Taking the chance, Lindsay decided to join them. After a fun night and learning more about each other, that was the beginning of their story and they never looked back… 

From that unexpected weekend on they were inseparable… The next big test Cameron would have to pass was meeting Lindsay’s other man in her life. Her big fur baby, Rufus, who was a Bernese Mountain Dog. Rufus didn’t usually like men around his mama so if Rufus did not like Cameron… they would never last. Luckily for Cameron, Rufus loved him and he passed theultimate test! Lindsay and Rufus eventually moved to Houston to be closer to her family and Cameron, of course. After 2 years of being together, they finally took the chance and moved in together to a loft in downtown Houston. About a year after living downtown, Rufus started to show some signs of being hurt or being ill. Rufus was Lindsay’s world so she would do anything to make sure he was okay. Cameron surprised Lindsay with how attentive he was to Rufus’ care and trying to help in anyway possible especially in making sure Lindsay was okay too. With Rufus’ health in their main focus, Cameron and Lindsay moved into their new fixer upper in Meyerland. Soon they started to realize that when times were hard they came together and balanced each other so well. When one of them was down the other helped keep them going. Ultimately, their poor fur baby passed away. But the beautiful thing about it all was how strong and more together it really brought them. They really are a team and nothing can put them down.

The week after the passing of Rufus, Cameron and Lindsay had a trip planned to Seattle and road trip around Olympic National Park in their 1989 VW Bus rental. Still sad but enjoying their trip since they have such a love for nature, camping, and hiking. On September 1st, they hiked up a strenuous but beautiful 10 mile hike up to Maiden’s Peak. When they arrived to the top of the peak, they were literally in the clouds. They were excited for the views so they decided to wait and see if the clouds would pass. After about an hour and a half went by, Lindsay started to get worried that they would not pass. Cameron was anxiously pacing around the peak of the mountain trying to find a good spot to set up our tripod to be ready for when they clouds to pass to get our traditional top of the mountain picture. Well another hour passed and finally Cameron said we should probably take the picture it’s not looking good. As we were setting up for the picture, the clouds began to fall… and Lindsay turned around and saw Cameron begin to go to his knee! It was like a scene from heaven. Cameron asked Lindsay to be his wife – the most epic proposal she could ever dream of! It truly summed up their relationship – a beautiful adventure. A year later-  on September 21, 2019, they will say I do and continue their next chapter!

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