Maddison + George

October 17, 2019

Check out these two lovers!!

George and Madison met off and on through mutual friends over the course of several months throughout their time in college. They attended many of the same events and often hung out in the same circle of friends, neither of them thinking too much of it until many months later! Their story really began in February of 2017 at a Philanthropy event for George’s fraternity. They spent much of the night yelling over loud music, laughing with their friends, and dancing in ridiculous neon clothes (George in HOT PINK tights) to help raise money for a charity. After reconnecting a few days later, they decided to have dinner together and finish up some homework. In Madison’s painfully independent manner she showed up at George’s house, knocked on the door, and told him that she would be driving to dinner. With a confused look on his face he got in Madison’s car and sang loudly and terribly with her all the way to dinner. 

When  they returned back to the house George was living in at the time, he had set up the kitchen table for them to begin working on their homework. Not only had George set up the house but he had also vacuumed, swept the floors, and cloroxed everything in sight. George will only now admit that the house was not always in this type of shape. Many of you reading this will know that Madison should’ve married him on the spot for cloroxing every surface she could see. Fortunately enough she adores George for many more reasons other than his mutual love for cleaning.
They spent the rest of the night laughing so hard their stomachs hurt and talking about more nonsense than they can truly remember until almost 3am. The very next day George surprised Madison with flowers and a home cooked meal after a tough exam. Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. The rest is history! It was the night they both feel they were blessed to find their very best friend. 

George surprised Madison with a proposal out on his parents acreage in Gretna, Nebraska on January 23, 2019. He gave her a beautiful ring in commemoration of her Grandmother who passed away in August of 2010. It was an incredibly picturesque sunset moment that they both will cherish for the many years to come!

“We are  both so excited to spend the rest of our lives together and look forward to all that God has in store for us. We truly feel so blessed to have found a once in a lifetime type of love and can’t wait to celebrate this love with all of you!” – Massison + George

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