Brandice & John

October 21, 2019

Look out now! 😉 What a beautiful afternoon we had for their engagements! Enjoy their peek and let me know what you think!

From my beautiful bride Brandice:

John and I dated 10 years ago, we met through mutual friends. My best friend and his best friend dated. One night my best friend asked if I wanted to come hang out with her at her boyfriends house and John was there too. I already thought he was cute so I went ahead and made the 45 minute drive to come hang out! I know long drive right! Lol

We dated a little over a year and ended up going our separate ways! I was at my same friends house that introduced us years ago that were married now and they always kept trying to get us back together. They would say every time John was over there visiting he would be talking about me and vise versa. So one day his friend told me just to reach out and text him so he gave me his new number and I texted him.

We ended up meeting in town one night on his birthday and stayed up talking till the sun came up. And it was history ever since! We went 5 years with not speaking a word to each other and that first night back talking to him on his birthday was like no time had past. It was always him and I never stopped thinking of him.. and he said the same about me too! 

Pete and Kelsey Townson, the same couple that introduced us the first time and pushed us back together, are both in our wedding!

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