Brittany & Alec

December 13, 2019

Congratulations to these two cuties!! I am so excited to have the honor of capturing their wedding here in Houston next fall at The Bell Tower on 34th! Just look at their engagement session and I think you will understand why! =) . AAAhhhh I just love love whenever I finish a session with my couples!! EEEEKK!!

Here is their love story! Hope you enjoy the peek! =) From my sweet bride Brittany:

We met in college and then re-connected a couple of years later when some of our mutual friends were planning a trip to Chicago. Alec was living in Chicago for work and Brittany was living in Iowa while attending law school. Brittany decided to join their friends for the weekend, where she and a couple of friends stayed at Alec’s apartment downtown.

During the weekend, Alec and Brittany really hit it off. While Brittany was waiting at her gate to fly back to Des Moines on Sunday, she decided to text Alec to tell him what a great time she had over the weekend, and to thank him for hosting the weekend. After that initial text, the conversation continued on and after several weeks of talking non-stop, Alec planned a trip to visit Brittany in Des Moines.

He came for the weekend and they had a great time, continuing to text and talk continuously after that trip, so then Brittany planned another trip to visit Alec in Chicago, this time without their friends. After a couple of back and forth trips between Chicago and Des Moines, Alec and Brittany fell in love and decided to give their relationship a real shot despite the distance.

After a few months, Alec moved to Texas for work and Brittany and Alec continued their weekend visits, but now between Houston and Des Moines. They were able to visit each other about once a month, growing to love each other more and more every trip.

When Brittany graduated from law school in 2016, she decided to move to Houston. Brittany took the bar exam and started looking for jobs in Texas, and moved in with Alec shortly after taking the exam. We’ve lived together ever since, and have grown to love each other and our adopted home more and more every day. 

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