Madison & Noah

March 20, 2020

SOoo excited to introduce you all to these two young lovers! What an amazing past 6 years together! Just read this peek into their journey and tell me it doesn’t bring a big smile on your face! How cute are they!!! Congratulations again Madison and Noah! It’s truly an honor to be the one capturing your memories! I look forward to your wedding next year at Iron Manor! Woohoo!!

From my beautiful bride: Noah and I met at Timberline Baptist Church Camp when I was 13 and he was 14 years old. When I remember Noah as a kid at church camp, I think of his smile. I remember sitting at a picnic table beside the basketball court watching Noah play basketball. He would make comments like “This shot it for you” and wink at me. He made every situation a fun time. I had a major crush on him at the age of 13, and come to find out the feeling was mutual. 😉

The secret name he gave me was “blue” when talking to his friends about me. He gave me this name because I used to wear blue mascara (omg lol). Being around him always filled me with joy. After every summer, the truth would set in that we lived 4 hours apart. We kept in contact via texts and facetime through the years. When Noah turned 16, he saved up his money from working at a golf course and bought a car. He then started driving 4 hours from Garland to Houston almost every weekend to come see me.

Not only did we have the obstacle of long distance, but Noah is also in the Texas Army National Guard. We have gone through infantry training and a 12-month deployment together. So much of our relationship has stayed the same throughout the years. We enjoy watching sports together even though we don’t like the same teams; rivals actually in football, working out together and enjoying our downtime (aka eating).

Noah proposed to me at my “happy place”, Lake Livingston. It was perfect when he proposed there because Lake Livingston had meant so much to us from the beginning of our relationship and he made sure my family was there to be able to share the memory with us. He took me out on my family’s lake house balcony that overlooks Lake Livingston, and asked me to marry him.

I’m so excited for this next step in our relationship. We are thrilled that after 6 years of dating, we won’t be in a long distance relationship anymore because he’s moving to Houston. Woohoo! I can’t wait to spend forever with him, just laughing and smiling like we did all those years ago at church camp. You still make me feel as happy and carefree as I did when I was 13!

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