Haley & Rob

March 25, 2020

Congratulations to my sweet couple Haley & Rob! We had the best afternoon together under the perfect Texas sky! The perfect remedy for these crazy days of quarantine! Hope you are all staying well!

Enjoy a peek from their engagements!

Here is a little of their love story from my sweet Haley;

We met online…which I know does not sound all that exciting or romantic but it was during a time when online dating was not the norm yet. We met for our first date (I drove myself as I did not want to give some strange man I had met online my home address. Safety first ladies!)…as I was walking up to the restaurant, he was already there waiting on me at the front door, he saw me and said “ you’re a lot shorter than I thought”…..(I’m 5’2, he’s 6’3”)…of course my first thought was “ok, rude”…..

I love to tell that story now, he hates it. Hahaha…the night took a better turn during dinner as we seemed to just hit it off. We bonded over our love of sports (He’s a Cubs fan, I’m an Astros Fan) and pets ( he had a Pug, I had a Boxer – we made up for our height differences in our dogs…lol)!

We had been together 7 years when he proposed. You would think after that long I would have known something was coming, but it was a huge surprise. I promise I had no idea. Every summer since we have been together we always take an annual river trip with close friends. We all get together and float the Guadalupe river….summer 2018 Rob decided he was going to pop the question on the river trip…not only on the trip, but while we were floating the actual river! He brought the ring on the river and everything! (brave, I know).

We were a little bit through the float and we pulled over to re-apply sun screen, grab a snack, etc….and he got down on one knee. It was the best because I was so surprised and my 2 best friends were there! Of course they knew what was coming so they got it on video and everything. He did a great job. That’s a moment I will never forget.

Now bounce forward 2 years later and here we are planning a wedding and on our way to happily ever after! Looking forward to being Mrs. Hayley Fraley….everyone chuckles at that part….or actually laughs really hard…I’m embracing it. 

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