Stacey & Clay

September 1, 2020

Did ya’ll miss me??? I take summers off with my kiddos so I’ve been a bit MIA as far as posting, blogging & work stuff. Now that we are officially moved to CO I may just have to open my schedule a little for the beautiful summer Mountain weddings. Don’t worry though I’m STILL BOOKING TEXAS weddings! And anywhere else your heart takes me. 😉

Now, lets move along and get to the good stuff!! hehe

Join me in Congratulating these two lovers! I’m so excited to celebrate this stage of their journey with them! Yay! Early next June these two will say ‘I Do’ at The Grand Texana with all their family, friends and their lil man. <3 I can not wait!! Hope you enjoy a peek from their engagement session and a little of their love journey so far!

From Stacey & Clay:

It all started on January 14, 2016 in New Orleans!  

Stacey was with a group of her friends for a 30th birthday.  The weather was bad and they had already been out most of the day, so they decided they were going back to the hotel. As they were walking out, they heard reggae music blaring from a bar down the street. It sounded like a good time so they stayed out,  dancing and drinking for another hour or so. Stacey decided she was really heading back this time. She and her friend, Alexandra, were about to walk out when Clay and his friends walked in.  Stacey saw Clay and immediately told Alexandra how good looking he was, and  decided she was going to stay for a few more minutes. What Stacey didn’t know is that Clay had noticed her as soon as he walked in as well.

After catching each other looking a couple of times, Clay headed over with a drink.  Next thing you know, it’s hours later and both of us were having too much fun to leave. We finally go our separate ways with our groups of friends, but not without exchanging numbers and promising to hang out while we’re both still in town. After all, this was only the first night of both our trips.  If you’ve been to New Orleans, you can imagine how tough it was to reconnect with two huge groups of people.  

The trip ended without seeing one another again, both bummed that they couldn’t make it happen. Communication ceases. They follow each other on social media but that’s it. No more talking, but both admit they couldn’t fight off the slight wonder of what could of been. But that’s crazy, right?  It was only a few drunken hours in New Orleans. 

Fast forward months later – Stacey posted a song she found on an old burned CD.  Clay messaged her, their first communication since the trip. That turns into more communication. And that turns into phone calls and eventually plans to reconnect.  For real this time.  Stacey came down to Houston for a trip that summer, and the rest is history!

Don’t you just feel the love?

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