Katelyn & Jacob

April 8, 2021

Congratulations to these two babes! I couldn’t be more excited for their big day! Can you believe 4 years ago I used these two in a styled shoot of mine?? I was just gettin started in the wedding business and they were such sweet babes! The puppies and princess shoot is still one of my faves to date!

Here is their sweet start of their love journey together! From my couple: We first met while attending Klein Collins High School in 10th grade in 2014. We had three classes together, and the other four of our classes were in rooms right next to each other. Jacob noticed me first, and he first tried to talk to me in AP World History by asking me a question about the lesson. I’m told proceeded to look at him like he was dumb and ignored him
(I remember none of this).

However, Jacob didn’t give up hope, and since we were in a Chemistry lab group together as well in addition to the other common classes we had, we had to keep seeing each other. We talked more and more outside of class increasingly about things other than classwork. We found that we did have an amazing connection and never ran out of things to talk about, and finally in early 2015 Jacob asked me to go on a group date with him to the movies.

After a few more dates, Jacob asked me if I could be his girlfriend. Six years later, we’ve graduated high school, gone to separate universities then the same at Texas A&M, adopted an amazing pup we both love, and have almost graduated from A&M now.

This past January, Jacob popped the question at a park in College Station while walking our dog by saying “I would recite a verse about love from 1 Corinthians, but it has been 2,111 days since I have asked you out and we’ve been waiting for this long enough”, and I obviously said yes. Now, we look forward to a wedding in November and being able to start the next step of our lives in Austin, TX.

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