Lauren & Bryan

December 2, 2021

Congratulations to these two babes! So excited for Lauren and Bryan and their upcoming wedding! Here is a peek from our amazing engagement session and a brief piece of their love story! Enjoy!

When one of Lauren’s friends, Meagan, met Bryan for the first time, she instantly knew that she had to do whatever it took to help Bryan and Lauren meet. She just knew that the two would make a beautiful match together with their joyful spirits and silly personalities.

So together, Meagan and her boyfriend (now fiancé, WHOO), Lane, decided to set Bryan and Lauren up by sending Bryan Lauren’s phone number. The two texted for some time and went on a date a week later. During their first two dates, strangers approached them and told them how happy and in love they looked. After the second date, both of them walked away knowing that this was the person they were going to end up spending forever with.

The two got to spend all of Christmas break together as Lauren was back home from college. Their relationship took off and the two never slowed down or looked back. Since the beginning, both Bryan and Lauren have been extremely confident that their relationship was unique and had been perfectly orchestrated and established by the Lord.

It was only months later that the two started discussing marriage and knew without a doubt that they wanted to start their lives together as husband and wife as quickly as possible.



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