Jenny & Jacob

April 21, 2022

I had soooo much fun with these two back in Colorado the other week! They are such a lovable pair and laugh their way through everything! Guess what else? They BOTH sing opera!!! I think it would be a total hit if they created a you tube channel and made it all about life with an opera singer. Where they would sing their way through EVERYTHING! lol. And I mean everything. Like fighting, doing chores, talking on the phone etc…. everything. Y’all help me out and drop them a line to encourage my crazy fun idea! 😉

Any way, here is a small peek at our session together and little bit of their love story! Enjoy!

We met back in November 2010 after being randomly assigned seats next to each other in the choir at the Iowa All State Music Festival. Jacob was a senior in high school, and Jenny was a junior. Although we were from different schools across the state, we hit it off immediately and became great friends over the next couple of years. Jacob decided to pursue a music degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, while Jenny remained in Iowa to study music education at Drake University.

Once Jacob was a senior and Jenny was a junior in college, we began to talk on a more regular basis. We surprised ourselves with how much we had in common and how strong our connection continued to be. We bonded over our passion for singing (mainly opera and choral), as well as our love for theater, board games, and travel. During December of 2015, Jenny visited Jacob in Colorado before her student teaching semester, and the rest was history! After Jenny finished her degree at Drake in 2016, she moved to Denver to begin teaching and to be closer to Jacob.

Over the past six years together, we have loved adventuring through life and laughing together. We especially have enjoyed singing together, both in choirs and just at home, relaxing in Estes Park, expanding our movie palettes, and obsessing over all things Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. We have traveled to New York City, Orlando, and Maui together, and are planning a European honeymoon for next spring

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