Brooklyn & Sukru

May 12, 2022

Congratulations to these two babes!! EEEkkkk! What fun we had during their engagement session! Their sweet pup Dozer was just the cutest thing ever! For the first time in my life I actually liked and considered wanting a lap dog, lol! I am so looking forward to their big day this fall! Here is a peek from our session along with their love story! Enjoy!

From my sweet bride: Sukru and I met through a mutual friend at the country music festival, Stagecoach in 2019. At first I thought Sukru was the goofiest young man and I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Little did I know, I just met my prince charming. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t find a ride back home from Stagecoach.  Thankfully the night before, Sukru gave me his number. I took a risk and called him. He was already home but insisted on coming back to get me. He drove 4 hours to get this damsel in distress. All this effort for someone he had just met. After that day, we couldn’t get enough of each other! 

In July 2019 we went to see The Lumineers, and we’re both super giddy and had butterflies. As we were walking around the concert, Sukru looked at me with so much love and asked, “May I kiss you?” And I responded with “What are you waiting for!”   

In 2020, we faced furlough with our jobs and Covid. The beautiful thing about Covid is it allowed us to grow together as a couple and make our relationship stronger. In this crazy year we also flew out to DFW and picked up our most prized possession, Dozer (Pomeranian).

In early 2021, we decided we wanted to move to Houston, Texas to start our lives together. We took this leap together, hand in hand, and that’s when Sukru decided he couldn’t live without me! 😉

Since then, we have been head over heels in love. We truly complete one another, as cheesy as that is! 

Two complete strangers who met by fate! 

❤️Everything truly happens for a reason ❤️

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