Frequently Asked Questions

First look or not? 

It is about a 50/50 split for our couples. Half of them will choose the more traditional route, and half will opt for first look. If you choose to do a first look this becomes such a special intimate time just for the two of you on your wedding day! Perhaps the only time where true raw emotions are free from onlookers and a time for a special moment alone to look at each other, soak it all in and be yourself before you say “I do.” First look or not, it is your big day! There is no right or wrong in how you want to remember it.  

How much time do we need for family formal portraits? 

For family formals we like to keep it under 15 minutes. We take these portraits right after the ceremony, so Please communicate this to your DJ or the officiant. They should make an announcement at the end of the ceremony for the bridal party and immediate family to stay for photos. A couple weeks prior to your wedding day, you will receive an email from us asking for family portrait groupings. This really helps to move the groupings along and cut the time down to a minimum on your wedding day.

Will you document the reception and decor? 

We know how much time, heart, and budget you put into the venue and decorations. We make sure to capture these items after they’ve been set up before any guests make their way into the reception. We like to show you exactly what it looked like, no distractions - no photobombing. Something my clients have always appreciated! We spend about 15-20 minutes going in and taking pictures of all the gorgeous details! That means centerpieces, cake, favors, flowers, dessert table, over head shot, and more. 

When will the photographers eat dinner or take a break?

The best time for us to eat dinner is when the bride & groom are eating. That allows us to finish at the same time and be available when you start visiting tables and greeting guests, and ensures better reception coverage. Because there are two photographers, there will always be someone available, even if one of us is taking a quick restroom break.

What happens if we need additional hours of coverage
on the day of the wedding? 

If you need to have additional hours of coverage on your wedding day, do not worry, we have it covered! You can let your wedding coordinator know and they will communicate that to us. Please give us as much notice as possible! We would appreciate payment at the end of the night; we accept payments by personal check, credit cards or cash.  

What do the first and second photographers cover? 

Mychelle will be the primary photographer in charge of the bride getting ready, details, & romantic portraits. The second shooter typically is in charge of family formals, groom getting ready shots, and provide a second angle for more wedding coverage.

We have special surprises planned, will you be able
to capture that?

We love special surprises at weddings! Please send us everything you are planning that is not the typical formality, and we will do our absolute best to capture it. 

How many images do you deliver?

We typically average 400+ for 6 hours, 500 for 8 hours & 600 for 10 hours of coverage.

Will you help with the timeline?

Yes! We love to help with all the ease of planning and preparing the appropriate timeline for all your desires on your special day! =)

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